Partners :

Bertrand Rayssiguier

Specialist of project mode organizations, he applies his strong capacities for synthesis and global vision to the benefit of many industrial service companies, including Renault, PSA, DCNS, Areva, Orange, L’Oreal, Technip, Airbus, Thales, …. He graduated from Polytechnique, ENSTA and the French Institute of Management.

Bernard Idrac

Specialist in industrial performance, a competence developed on the ground and in contact with great leaders at Thales, Valeo, Air France, Astrium, PSA, he is taking action to define and deploy Progress Road-maps for our customers to get quick results. He is an ICAM engineer and runs numerous seminars on organizational performance.

Managers :

Guillaume Galès

After a first experience as an industrialization coordinator and project manager in the automotive field, he ran missions to improve operational performance of product developments and services. Guillaume is particularly dedicated to combining work on processes, individual creativity and collective dynamics.

Virginie Thonier

Virginie has 10 years’ experience in managing complex projects in France and abroad. As a member of IPMC, Virginie has been responsible for high-stakes missions in the field of Systems Engineering. She is taking action on this particular area at DCNS, Thales and the DGA (the French defense procurement agency).

Senior consultants :

Marie-Laure Salaun

Marie-Laure is developing collective performance of industrial organizations by focusing on the coaching of project managers and development teams. Before joining IPMC, she coordinated the planning of major programs, and has managed the development of complex systems for export. Marie Laure graduated from ISEP (Institute of Electronics of Paris).


Alper Sert

After his studies in France and Italy, he worked for AgustaWestland as Product Manager and Project Manager on development and production of new generation of helicopters. His international experience brings new visions to the projects and allow him to develop innovative solutions in multicultural environments. His in-depth and sharp cases-analysis is particularly useful in the field of complex projects.

YM 5

Yoann Malinge

Having studied in France and Mexico, Yoann has evolved in several industrial contexts. Lean Manufacturing Specialist and passionate about complex projects management, he joined IPMC in 2015. He is involved both on consulting and leading seminars and trainings. He is heavily involved in teams skills rising missions for our several customers.

Dominique Soufflet

Dominique accumulated over 25 years in R & D, operations and maintenance and development of product lines. Within IPMC, he is responsible for the various simulations dedicated to Systems Engineering. He regularly facilitates IPMC trainings, especially overseas.

Romain Bourgeois

Romain has a great operational experience on complex projects development and realization, both in France and abroad. He takes action on consulting and training in the development of complex products and systems. He regularly conducts system engineering seminars for our customers.

Thibaud Velter

Thibaud is a great professional of investment projects in complex environment. He knows how to lead project teams to success with the objective to deliver constantly in cost and time. He is mastering all aspects of project management, customer to supplier’s management, particularly in multicultural environment.

IPMC University :

Raphael Idrac

Enthusiastic about project management, service and relationship, Raphael joined the company to promote IPMC University, a program which develops and delivers IPMC training portfolio. His several professional experiences abroad helped him to lead multicultural teams’ projects with rigor and autonomy.

Administration :


Sophie Houdebine

After working as executive office assistant and subsidiary manager, Sophie joined IPMC at an early stage of its history. She is currently responsible for administrative and financial management. She is also animating the Company’s social dynamics.