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“Don’t just train your team, give them a workout!”

The high satisfaction of over 20 000 international trainees as well as long-term support of our customers underline this training success.


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Today’s successful companies are building their leadership on innovative products and services development as well as on processes acceleration. Therefore, projects management is a key skill for them. And because of its essentially collective essence, it requires a genuine team’s work out to ensure and accelerate project performance. This is what IPMC University offers.IPMC University.

We offer you a “turnkey” and innovative trainings portfolio which give you the opportunity to review the fundamentals, grow in project management and system engineering areas and prepare your teams to solve targeted problems. These workouts include best “practices”, implement operational simulations and resort intensively to visual management.

These trainings participants have gained, in particular :

  • A specific motivation for the fundamentals and company project standard implementation
  • New practices in many areas such as projects multicultural dimension management
  • Collective efficiency and agility to optimize their projects execution



All our workouts :

  • SAre dedicated to Project Management and Systems Engineering
  • SAre based on real business cases allowing the most effective practices and methods training :
    • As part of challenging and “real life” situations
    • Browsing A to Z lifecycle of a project
    • Being faced with high complexity levels appropriate to their seniority
  • Use intensely visual management (A0 posters, boards, post-it, simulation software, digivotes, A5 handbook, …) promoting work and appropriation in teams
  • Can be adapted to our customers specificities: vocabulary, process, methods, specific sequences …

We operate all over the world to deliver these trainings: 

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