Bring out creativity and create greater value for developing in a robust manner a real competitive asset as a reply to globalization

Innovation is essential to enterprises success. Indeed, on average, 50% of their turnover comes from products launched on the market for less than 5 years. And tomorrow, the race for growth will be even more frantic.


Animation and optimization of an innovation “pipeline”, fueled by the Market and Customer Value are major challenges, requiring to face three unavoidable key objectives.

Challenge No. 1: Reduce development cycles :

  • Optimizing development processes, developing collaborative working, increased marketing synergies – BE – Industrial
  • Capitalizing on the critical design activities, standardize solution bases, adopt platform logics

Challenge No. 2: Boost product and services innovation-processes driven by customer value :

  • Boosting pipeline of innovation, position the creation of Customer/Market Value in the heart of managerial and operational concerns
  • Investing in terms of R&D and product development in the cores or high value-added solution, differentiation vectors and/or where the communality factors are greatly reducing costs
  • Stimulating individuals and team creativity, maximize the portfolio of ideas, concepts and projects value

Challenge No. 3: Mastering the new developments complexity :

  • • Ensuring the design, development and industrialization process robustness by the operational practice of the engineering fundamentals

IPMC consultants combine expertise and practice to support customers and their teams during all the innovation process and to simultaneously achieve these three challenges.