Working with Systems Engineering is one of the essential keys to find optimal and robust solutions to complex needs or problems, particularly with multidisciplinary team!

It is a real collective skill that must be developed and which requires :

  • To have a comprehensive and shared vision of Systems Engineering implementation
  • To know how to sync players and teams
  • To be proficient in “trade-offs” and optimizations

Beyond a state of mind, a set of processes (technology, media and management), methodology and tools, IPMC is committed to developing a true “collective competence” to serve performance and competitiveness of Engineering and Programs with respect to both :

  • The vision instilled and driven by the Management
  • The operational practices of the actors on programs as to draw the full benefit

“World-class” companies from different industrial areas trusted us to help multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams, and their management to effectively implement the system engineering on their critical programs :

  • Mastering a robust set of fundamentals (processes, methods, tools)
  • Making the business baselines their own
  • Instantiating baselines at the specific need to master the complexity
  • Implementing in a very practical way the methods and tools on programs
  • Synchronizing disciplines and teams around the most suitable development cycle…