Today, like most industrial and service companies, 2 strategies are available to you in a global market :

  • Drastically and continually reduce your costs… A fight far from ensuring the development alone, nor the sustainability of your activity
  • Create more value for your customers and differentiate yourself

To support those who choose to maintain and win this quest for permanent value, facing a strong competitive context, IPMC has developed an innovative and robust approach, relying on proven “bricks” methods and made coherent in a global vision. This approach relies strongly on “visual management”. Such approach is led “WITH and FOR the operational”.

This approach combines in a very operational manner :

  • Strategic Analysis, with a Customer Value Analysis view, differentiation factor analysis (Key Buying Factors) and due (Killing Factors) for the Strategic Business Areas considered, competitive positioning (Fair Value Line)
  • Value Analysis and Design to Cost Objective of new products or redesign existing solutions; Scenarios product strategy and architecture (platform, variants and derivatives …)
  • Value analysis of processes and re-engineering or optimization: Value Stream Mapping (Development, Supply Chain & Production, Marketing, Maintenance and Support …), developing logic and Engineering (Iterative, Incremental, Agile …
  • Marketing Purchasing to ensure the robustness of development scenarios with logic of global sourcing, technology transfer, co-design and make the most of the opportunities offered by suppliers

This approach (which can be implemented from the start or applied to focused issues, in a context made coherent) feeds Lean best practices, applied to engineering.


Here is the Lean method as designed and deployed by IPMC to handle complex processes into 5 workshops: